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Hi, I'm Greg!

My passion in life is to help others achieve their goals and have a lot of fun doing it!


After graduating college my goal was to be the CEO of a bank; boy was I wrong!

Red tape and Politics are not for me. On a whim (after months of planning      ), I moved halfway across the country, and took a job making pennies at a healthcare start-up.

Shortly after starting, I quickly realized they were a financial mess; we went to work streamlining their financials and operations.  You see, they were victims of the trap many new business owners fall into...  There was a passion for the service, but didn't have the time to even think about financial strategies.  One change in the financial model and boom, I made my first year's salary.  This was when I discovered my passion for small business,  helping others realize their dreams and the power of having a financial partner at your side.

Over the next 10 years, we grew that little start-up to 12 Franchised locations, sold it for multiple 7 figures (I have some crazy war stories if you ever want to chat and compare battle scars!)

Most recently, I've been the CFO/COO of a multiple 8 figure creative agency; navigating business challenges, pandemics, establishing global offices, buying commercial real estate, starting and managing a non-profit.

Here is a highlight of lessons I've learned over the past 23+ years growing small businesses and helping business owners:

  • My Super Power is empowering others to achieve their dreams and goals,

  • The only real way to be a leader is to first be a servant,

  • Never stop learning,

  • Surround yourself with the right people who are experts at what they do,

  • Always be true to your Core Values,

  • Make sure your parachute is packed before you jump out of the airplane,

  • Life is too short to hate your job (yeah, even if you own the business),

  • Most fear comes from "not knowing",

  • Money is a tool - power comes from knowing how to use it properly,

  • And most importantly


Everyone Love Budgets...

Given the fact that 80% of businesses will not survive until year 10 and the #1 cause of failed businesses is due to poor financial decisions, I'm on a mission to help business owners understand how their operational decisions effect their long-term sustainability, but here's the thing.....

My team of financial experts and I only work with a limited number of clients at any given time; let have a discussion to see if we are the right fit.

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